Anglo Indian Chef ONE and TWO kits

ONE and TWO kits, both microwaveable and ideal for singles or couples!

Forget supermarket deli curries or ready meals! AIC ONE and TWO kits make Indian Restaurant quality curries: just add everyday ingredients and most cook in under 5 minutes.

All are curries are gluten and additive free and contain exactly the same ingredients* as the four-serving curries and catering tubs

The new TWO kit bridges the gap between the ONE single-serving range and our original four serving kits.

Instructions are straightforward and include microwave cooking, and most curries can be microwaved in under five minutes (including sliced or diced small fresh chicken) - and you can leave out the oil if you prefer! They make the same gourmet quality curries. Ideal for those on their own or with light eating habits, or as tasters to see what the range of AIC products are like.

ONE kits