ONE Kit selection gift pack

£ 22.95 each


ONE Kit selection gift pack

All fourteen of our wonderful single-serving, gourmet quality curries together in a bamboo gift tray!

A perfect gift for the curry lover, giving them the opportunity to try the majority of our range served up in single serving (or two light meal) kits. Each ONE kit contains all of the ground and whole spices plus any other dry ingredients, mixed with our 'magic' base sauce and contained in a single sachet. Full cooking instruction along with a list of additional ingredients needed are given on the back of each kit.

Perfect for those on their own or with limited freezer space, or just as samplers for our range of top quality, award-winning curry products. The set covers the whole of our range from mild to seriously hot, including: Balti, Bhuna, Bombay potatoes, Dhansak, Do-piaza, Jalfrezi, Korma, Madras, Onion bhaji, Pasanda, Pathia, Rogon josh, Tikka masala and Vindaloo.