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What's different about our products?

Our products in a different league, well above the standard of the competition! With AIC curry products you can create dishes that match those created by professional Indian chefs. Sounds like a boast doesn't it? Time and again our customers have proven that our products are the best available and quickest to make.

In February 2017 we introduced microwave cooking instructions for our single portion kits demonstrating that many of our products that can be cooked in a microwave are indistinguishable from those cooked on the hob. This makes our product ideal for pubs or anyone who wants a range of curries with the minimum preparation. Most cook in under five minutes!

If you own or run a pub or restaurant and answer yes to the any of the questions below, then we can help you.

  • Would you like to serve gourmet quality curries but don't have a trained curry chef?
  • Does your chef spend a lot of time in curry preparation?
  • Does your chef use mass-produced curry sauces in your kitchen?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your kitchen's curries?
  • Would you like to serve your customers curries that are the equal of top-class Indian restaurants and made in just a few minutes?

AIC curry products address all the above issues. Available in Nineteen varieties - there's something for everyone!

Nineteen main dishes and six side dishes. Just add a few everyday ingredients, cook in a microwave (Except Onion Bhaji) or hob. Specifically designed with Pubs in mind. Now any Pub or restaurant can offer their customers up to 19 different curries all utilising the same main and additional ingredients. Pouches contain the same mix as our larger catering Pouches but make just four servings. Very little preparation needed, most cook in under five minutes so no need to make large quantities in advance!

Available for: Balti, Beef Thattukada, Bhuna, Bombay Potato, Dhansak (medium or hot), Do-Piaza, Jalfrezi, Korma**, Lamb 'Gosht' , Lams Kofta, Madras (medium or hot), Onion Bhaji, Pasanda**, Pathia, Rogan-Josh, Tikka Masala** South Indian Coconut curry, Vindaloo.

They contain all of the whole/ground spices and base sauce needed. Combined together for four portions .

This format minimises wastage and maintains quality by giving more control over ingredients, perfect where just a few portions are needed. Ideal where small to medium quantities are required.

  • One pouch makes 500ml of sauce (five sets in each tub). Use multiple sets for larger quantities.AWhere appropriate Sachet Sets include: ground almonds, coconut flour, whole spices, or lentils dependent on specific recipe.

Available for: Balti, Bhuna, Biryani, Dhansak, Do-Piaza, Jalfrezi, Korma**, Lamb meatball, Madras, Pasanda**, Pathia, Rogan-Josh, Tikka Masala**, Vindaloo.

Catering Pouches - available for 50 servings and up to suit your business size and requirements. Pouches contain a premix of spices and base sauce and have instructions for making one litre (8 portions) - ideal where larger quantities are needed as a single pouch can contain 100 servings! No additional whole spices (removing any potential choking hazard) or ground spices required, unless you wish to customise the recipe.

Just add your own everyday ingredients, and cook as per instructions. (No additional whole spices necessary).

Available as above

Here are 12 reasons why a growing number of caterers, restaurants and pubs use our award winning* Anglo Indian Chef curry products

  1. Excellent profit margin.
  2. Consistent high quality.
  3. Very quick and easy to make: The majority of our smaller kits can be made in under five minutes (hob or microwave) a great time saver for all restaurants and chefs. Larger amounts cook in just 15-20 minutes on the hob.
  4. No training needed as with AIC kits your existing kitchen staff can quickly and easily make award-winning curries.
  5. All natural ingredients. No additives, gluten, MSG, animal products, wheat free and no preservatives!
  6. Contains all the spices and base sauce needed for the quantity specified when made following our instructions.
  7. Just add simple, easy-to-find, everyday ingredients.
  8. Suitable for all types of main ingredients.
  9. Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans**, Celiacs or those who are dairy intolerant.
  10. Pre-portioned, so no wastage and consistent quality.
  11. All curries can be made in advance and chilled or frozen.
  12. Long shelf life

AIC catering pouch pack

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*Taste of the West 2015 silver awards for Pathia & Tikka masala. 2016 silver awards for Korma & Onion Bhaji mix.

** For vegan versions of Tikka masala, Korma or Pasanda use Alpro single instead of double cream.