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Gourmet Indian restaurant-style curries

If you own or run a pub or restaurant and answer yes to the any of the questions below, then we can help you

  • Would you like to serve gourmet quality curry but don’t have a trained curry chef?
  • Does your chef spend a lot of time in curry preparation?
  • Does your chef use mass-produced curry sauces in your kitchen?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your kitchen's curries?
  • Would you like to serve your customer curries that are the equal of even top-class Indian restaurants', made in just a few minutes?

A plastic, lidded tub with orange labels on all sides and the top, containing Tikka Masala catering sachet sets.Anglo Indian Chef catering products come in fourteen varieties and are available in two forms

  1. Multi-portion sachet sets of whole, ground spices and base sauce. Packed in sets of four-serving sachets giving 20 portions in all. This minimises wastage and improves quality by giving more control over ingredients, perfect where small amounts are needed.
  2. Loose powder tubs containing a premix of ground spices and base sauce - ideal where larger quantities are needed (the three litre tub can hold enough ingredients for 10 litres of gourmet quality curry sauce).

Here are 12 reasons why a growing number of caterers, restaurants and pubs use our award winning* Anglo Indian Chef curry products

  • Excellent profit margin.
  • Consistent high quality.
  • Very quick and easy to make: some four portions can be made in under five minutes, and no training needed
  • No need to hire a specialist Indian curry chef as with AIC kits your existing kitchen staff can quickly and easily make award-winning curries.
  • No additives, no gluten, wheat free, no MSG and no preservative!
  • Contains all the ground dry spices and base sauce needed. Whole spices and Tandoori marinade are available separately for loose powder tubs if required.
  • Just add simple, easy-to-find, everyday ingredients.
  • Suitable for all types of main ingredients.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans.**
  • Average cooking time of just 15-20 minutes on the hob. Many can be cooked in a microwave in less than 5 minutes!
  • Pre-portioned, so no wastage and consistent quality.
  • All curries can be made in advance and chilled or frozen.
  • 12-month shelf life from date of manufacture.

Made in Bideford Devon by Award winning* Anglo Indian Chef.

We manufacture a growing range of catering kits based around our proven retail kits.

You may wonder what's different about our products from all the other curry products on the wholesale or food service shelves. Our products are simply in a different league, well above the standard of the competition! They are as good as those made from scratch by a professional chef. Sounds like a boast doesn't it? But time and time again we have proven that our products are the best available and very quick to make. Most can be prepared in a few minutes, and some in less than five minutes with a little experience! We will be publishing a series of videos showing how it's done.

In February 2017 we introduced microwave cooking instructions in our single and twin portion retail kits. Using these instructions, your chef can make up to four portions from our loose powder range, complete with chicken thigh meat, in less than five minutes!

So what do you get in a catering kit?

  • Sachet Set tub (makes 5 litre)
    Ideal where smaller quantities are required.
    Types available: Balti, Bhuna, Biryani, Dhansak, Do-piaza, Jalfrezi, Korma, Lamb meatball, Madras, Pasanda, Pathia, Rogon-Josh, Tikka Masala, Vindaloo.
    Each Sachet Set includes base sauce as well as ground and whole spices. One sachet set makes 500ml of sauce (There are five sets in each tub). Use multiple sets for larger quantities.
    Use all sachets together to make 5 litres, equating to a minimum of 40 x 125ml servings.
    Where appropriate Sachet Sets include: ground almonds, coconut flour, whole spices, or lentils dependent on specific recipe.

  • Curry Sauce tubs (Custom quantities available) Ingredients are pre-mixed with our base sauce. Just add your own seasoning, everyday ingredients, whole spices (if needed) and simmer as per instructions.
    Available for:
    Bhuna, Balti, Do-Piaza, Jalfrezi, Madras, Rogon-Josh, Vindaloo (10 litre)
    Korma, Pasanda, Tikka Masala (8.3 litres)
    Pathia (6 litre)
    Dhansak (5 litre)


A square, lidded plastic box with purple labels on all sides and a photo of a made-up curry on the top, containing Dhansak curry catering sachet sets.A square, lidded plastic tub with orange labels on all sides and a photo of a curry meal on the top, containing loose powder spice mix

To order

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*Taste of the West 2015 silver awards for Pathia & Tikka masala. 2016 silver awards for Korma & Onion Bhaji mix.

** For vegan versions of Tikka masala, Korma or Pasanda use Alpro single instead of double cream.