We recently had a Lamb Biryani form a local takeaway and the meat was the consistency of rubber! You can make even a cheap cut of meat nice and tender very easily. Here’s how:


  • Cut most of the fat and any gristle off the meat, and cut the meat into serving-size slivers rather than chunks (The name for this is a Pasanda rather than a Tikka, which is a chunk) cut to about 5 - 8mm thick.
  • As for my method of tenderising chicken, soak the meat in salty water for 20- 30 minutes, then rinse the meat in fresh water to get rid of the salt.
  • Now put the meat either into a marinade of spices, lemon juice and yoghurt or just plain water.
  • Soak the meat for a couple of hours or even over night.
  • Then add the meat to your curry sauce and simmer for 20-30 minutes, adding water if necessary, until the meat is tender; alternatively pan-fry or grill the meat ,and when cooked add it to the curry sauce.

The salt water helps the meat absorb and retain water, and this is what tenderises and moisturises the meat.