China 2018

We have come to the notice of the creme de la creme of the food business! I have been invited to take AIC curries to the Gourmand International Food Wine and Cookbook Awards  - the equivalent of the Oscars for the cookbook industry - in Yantai China in June 2018! This is the equivalent of the Oscars for the cookbook industry. I will be cooking a range of our curries for thirty people a day over twelve days. That's 360 servings - a lot of curry!

It is great honour to be invited to the awards and cook for some of the most discerning foodies in the world. It all came about following a visit from Jenny Mallin who's cookbook 'A Grandmother Legacy' was given the accolade of best cookbook in the world 2017. I cooked her our gold award winning 'Two' kit Pasanda with chicken in just 4 minutes! Jenny was so astonished by the speed, quality and flavour of the result she reccomended us to Gourmand International.

We are hoping that our products will now come to the attention of significant manufacturers or retailers so that we can get our superb products into mass production and distribution.

The time from now and going to China next year will fly by or drag, either way though it's very exciting time.