About us

Who are we?

We started with a selection of curries in kit form using a frozen, ready-made curry base sauce. These were supplied through personal contact to individuals in North Devon as we developed the product for the wider market.

We knew that using frozen produce had limitations and so we set about experimenting with a way of creating the same great taste but creating a curry that could simply be rehydrated. This took many months of trial and error, but eventually we found the solution to creating the same great flavours without the need to freeze anything.

Our range of produce began with twelve of the most popular curries in the UK, and, due to high customer demand, we added ‘jewel’ Pilau rice to the range a short time later. Our facility in the heart of North Devon’s beautiful countryside meets all relevant regulations for traceability, environmental health and food safety standards.

What is special about us?

We are dedicated to the task of helping people enjoy top-class Indian restaurant curries that can be cooked at home by someone with no Indian cookery experience, and in the same amount of time, to the same quality, as the professional chef. We have pledged to continue developing our products and adding to our range. Your feedback is perhaps the most important source of inspiration for us. Please do let us know of your thoughts and opinions of our products, using the 'Feedback' page on our website. For all trade enquiries or other information, please contact us via the email form on the 'Contact' page. We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to reading your reactions.

Best regards,

Anglo Indian Chef

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