Our curries

We produce a range of curries, accompaniments and a pilau rice. Each is designed to be simple to make, and contains all the freshly-blended spices in the exact quantities you need to reproduce a top-class Indian restaurant experience. Just add a few fresh ingredients as listed on our packs, or choose your own combination of ingredients. All our recipes have been tested to ensure that the resulting dish meets our high standards and claims. Timings given in each pack have been tested to ensure that the average person can make a curry in the time specified. Full cooking instructions are included in simple, easy-to-follow steps, in a font size that is legible!

How do the restaurants do it?

In Indian restaurants in the UK, a large quantity of base sauce (or gravy) is made at the beginning of the day (this takes a couple of hours) and the meat is pre-cooked. When a customer orders a particular dish, the chef simply blends a portion of the base gravy with different spices, herbs, vegetables, fruit and meat, as appropriate. This takes just 10-15 minutes, because all the lengthy preparation has already been done. So if you have the base gravy/sauce, there is no reason why you can't do the same at home or in your restaurant - provided, that is, that you have the correct spice blends and other ingredients to hand. That is precisely what we have done at Anglo Indian Chef.

There are curry sauces available from various companies, including the large supermarkets. These are often made up as bottled curry sauces - however these always contain ingredients that are there just to preserve the mixture, and the quality of even the best of these - including those sold at supermarket delis - is nowhere near as good as a fresh sauce.

What is our secret?

At the heart of Anglo Indian Chef curries is our base sauce. This is a development of the generic base sauce used in British Indian restaurants. We recognised that many people enjoy Indian restaurant curries and would like to make them at home, but find that the only recipes available call for making several litres at a time. So we decided to develop a dry version of the curry base sauce (curry gravy) that can:

  • Enable you to make just the right amount as and when you need it
  • Be stored for up to a year
  • Be prepared very quickly
  • Produce a curry indistinguishable from one made with fresh sauce.
  • Be made with no added chemicals or ingredients, just natural products.

The second important feature that helps make our curry packs so good is our unique spice blend. Each variety of our curries incorporates spice blends that have been specifically formulated from top quality, freshly ground spices, to work in combination with our unique base sauce and produce our interpretation of classic, top quality British Indian Restaurant curries. No longer do you have to rely on approximate measuring or inexact cookbook recipes: we provide the exact mix you need (we blend our spices in batches measuring hundreds of portions at a time, and each new batch is tested before it is packed so that you can be sure that the final result will be what you are expecting).  You can of course customise our recipes if you prefer something a little different.

Years of research, experimentation and development have gone into producing the Anglo Indian Chef base sauce. Hundreds of samples have been tried and tested until we were satisfied that the result we were searching for had been achieved. Special equipment had to be made for the process we have developed, to ensure that the product passed all our tests for quality and consistency. The outcome of all our work and research is the Anglo Indian Chef curry packs, which are suitable for home or restaurant use or for holidaymakers in caravans or tents, and also for those living abroad where they cannot find British Indian restaurants - or even for expeditions on land or sea where long storage life, ease of storage and preparation are of paramount importance.


All of our curry sauces are suitable for sufferers of coeliac disease and those who are lactose intolerant (provided that double cream or yoghurt is replaced with a non-dairy alternative). Some of our products contain nuts (Tikka Masala, Korma and Pasanda), and our other curries are produced in an environment where nuts are present.