AIC 'Magic' Instant Indian Restaurant curry base sauce

As well as our catering and retail kits, our ‘Magic’ base sauce is available by itself for all restaurant and home chefs as a quality, economical, time-saving replacement for fresh base sauce.

In the home you can make curries from recipes in books such as The Curry Secret or Curry Club, or use other manufacturers' spice mixes and replace the recipe base sauce with ours, saving hours in the cooking process.

AIC instant ‘Magic’ base sauce replaces all standard Indian Restaurant style base sauces, and can be customised to suit in your home or professional kitchen.

Anglo Indian Chef Instant Base Sauce 900g packHere are 8 reasons why we feel you might consider using AIC ‘Instant’ Curry Base Sauce:

  • Used in ‘Taste of the West’ award-winning Anglo Indian Chef curries
  • Costs less than the average cost of making an equivalent base sauce using fresh ingredients
  • Prep time is under 5 minutes, and it can even be added dry, straight into the pan
  • No wastage
  • Consistent high quality
  • Easy storage at room temperature, taking up minimal storage space
  • AIC base sauce has a very long shelf life, up to one year
  • Contains no allergens, gluten, GM, or additives
  • Our base sauce is made from fresh, natural ingredients and processed to retain the natural flavours and textures, so that once made into a curry it is indistinguishable from a freshly made sauce.

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Our base sauce is uniquely different from any other base sauce available, and has significant benefits for all chefs from professional Indian restaurant chefs to home cooks. We add no artificial ingredients, no oil or fat, no added salt, no gluten, no allergens, and no MSG or GM products - yet reconstitutes to the equivalent of a fresh base sauce with just a few minutes simmering.

  • The shelf life of a tub is one year (unopened) or six months once opened.
  • There is no wastage as you only make what you need when you need it.
  • Stores at room temperature, a small 900g tub makes up to 7.5 litres with just five minutes simmering.

Conventional base sauce takes hours to produce, involving a lot of time, work and smell. We have simplified the sauce down to its essential ingredients, allowing chefs to quickly and easily add other ingredients to suit their own unique needs.

Use our instant base sauce as you would a conventional fresh base sauce, by making it up in advance and adding a measure of it to the cooking just as the restaurant chef does with a fresh base sauce. Or you can use it dry, adding it to a curry as you cook, followed by an appropriate measure of hot water. 60 grams of base sauce mix to 500ml of water gives a normal consistency sauce.

Why not try it now?

We also pack our base sauce with the curry spices from our retail kits, making it simple, easy, economical and quick for any restaurant to make curries at least as good as a traditional British Indian Restaurant.